youtube custom video thumbnail design with Photoshop quick & easy

Youtube custom video thumbnails are very important for your youtube videos. If you know how to use Photoshop to design youtube thumbnail than you can really impact your conversion rate & views. Having a good video thumbnail increases the probability of your video being clicked to view. You might have noticed your self when you are on youtube to search for a content you are automatically tempted to a video if you see a very elegant design of the thumbnail.

Key points in designing your video thumbnail : thumbnail should be content specific, design should be classy but eye catching, text should be poping & try to use call to action graphics like in this case I have used a glossy arrow, make sure your thumbnails are at least 1280 x 720px in size so it can be viewed on a big screen TV without any distortion. Read the instructions bellow to design your youtube custom thumbnail.

Software used: Photoshop CC 2015

  • Start by creating a document in Photoshop at least 1280 x 720px This is crucial don’t get smaller than this as than it wound be clear on the big screen TVs.
  • Than design eye catching borders as shown in this video I have used red borders, you can use any.
  • Get a screen shot of you video or relevant images of your content and past it in the center make sure the background blends with the image use, in this video I have used a screenshot of the Photoshop software with the desired content in the center.
  • Type in your desired text with desired effect in this case I have used gradient, stroke & outer glow text effect, you can play around for your favorite.
  • Than use a call to action button in this case I have used a glossy red arrow to point out on the content I want
  • Once in you opinion if it looks decent your are done save it as .jpeg file & upload to the custom thumbnail area of the video.
  • One last tip : once done just look at the design and think if you were to be some random viewer would you click on the designed thumbnail to view the content of the video, if your answer is yes than believe me it will work.

Hope you like this easy tutorial. I have attached a youtube video of the whole process which will give you a better idea. You can also subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any upcoming videos/tutorials.


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