Web Animated Banner

Standard Web Banners

Size Style
468 x 60 Full Banner
728 x 90 Leader board
336 x 280 Square
300 x 250 Square
250 x 250 Square
160 x 600 Skyscraper
120 x 600 Skyscraper
120 x 240 Small Skyscraper
240 x 400 Fat Skyscraper
234 x 60 Half Banner
180 x 150 Rectangle
125 x 125 Square Button
120 x 90 Button
120 x 60 Button
88 x 31 Button


Note: All sizes are in pixel so if you are designing you want to make sure you select the size as pixel and the sizes may vary with various affiliate networks; so before designing make sure you check out the requirement with respective affiliate network.



Non standard banner sizes

Size Style
120 x 30 Button
230 x 33 Small Banner
728 x 210 Large Leader board
720 x 300 Large Leader board
500 x 350 Pop-up
550 x 480 Pop-up
300 x 600 Half Page Banner
94 x 15 Blog Button


  • Open a new Photoshop document of your desired size web banner & DPI, you can use either a colored background or a transparent one.
  • If you are planning to place the banner on a website you know already, it would be better if you decide ahead the background or the border of your banner.
  • No start putting the content like the text you want, images, click button in the way you want.
  • Once elements are in place open the timeline from windows and animate the layer in the way you want.
  • Once the animation is done make sure you loop your animation trial before you export once you are satisfied export it as .gif file. Your banner is ready to be published.
  • Watch the complete YouTube video attached at the bottom for detailed procedure involved to design a banner for this video I have used the size 300×250 pixel
  • Also subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any upcoming designing tutorial.

Download the free .psd file (Photoshop document) which I have created to use it on your projects, you can customize the text as shown in the video; its free to use it would be great if you mention us (www.youtube.com/vidyapitroda) to give us some credit: DOWNLOAD HERE




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