Personal Stickers For Whatsapp

Whatsapp stickers are getting very popular, almost for all occasions you will see whats app stickers.

Today in this post I will teach you guys how to create your own cool personal whats app stickers. Its really easy & you can do it on your phone for free without any specialized softwares.

With this you can stay ahead of the game with your friends & family by sending cool personal whats app stickers. All you need to do is follow this 4 simple steps & once you have the needed software’s installed on your phone you can just follow step 1 & 2 & you are all set.

Before starting I will let you know the software’s I used for designing personal images:

  1. Photo Editor: Its just like a Photoshop but on your phone. With this you can add text & effects on a transparent background file & export it as .png which is important. And its free. Download this software HERE
  2. Background Eraser: This is a magic tool to erase background from any picture, once done you can open that file in photo editor to add custom text & export it as .png file. Its free. Download this software HERE

Or you can design your own custom images in a desktop/laptop Photoshop & export it as .png which is important.

To make a personal sticker for whats app here are the steps:

STEP 1: Design your personal transparent background .png (portable network graphic) file from either Photoshop or the above mentioned software’s.

STEP 2: Install whats app application version 2.18.340 if you are using any other version than the stickers function will not work. If you don’t have that version download it from HERE.¬†Install it I would recommend to back up your conversation just in case if so you don’t lose your data. Than restart the whats app application. Than once you start typing you will the see the sticker option.

STEP 3: Install the application “Personal Stickers for Whatsapp” from app store or download it from HERE. Once done you need to create a new folder in you phone memory with any file manager application I used X-plore file manager. Important: do not create a sub folder create a new folder in your phone memory & place at least 3 .png files which you designed from STEP 1 in that folder. Once you do that you will see those imported file in the “Personal Stickers for Whatsapp” application as stickers & click the add button.

You are all set to start sending the stickers.

Hope you liked this tutorial & also watch the YouTube video for more details. Please Subscribe to our channel.


  1. Photo Editor
  2. Background Eraser
  3. Personal Stickers for Whatsapp
  4. X-plore file manager
  5. Whats App Beta V.2.18.340
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