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Graphic designing is a very hot field in designing. Designing has lot of perspective it is been done in media, marketing, commercial, education etc. many other. But graphics are becoming hot favorite now days as people like to see smashing and eye catchy designs specially for sales driven projects. Because in modern times people are attracted by strong graphics. Graphics not only has a direct effect on mind but they have a quite good effect on mind too. If a customer is in a hue to buy a product, strong graphic adds an effect on their mind and make them sale driven.

Now the question will be what is called graphics? Graphics are those artworks which are unique, attractive and with high click through rate. Graphics consist of web2.0 arts, buttons, stickers, banners etc. They are highly attractive and captive. Have you ever thought why you find some where prices of graphics very high? the answer is simple because they pay high to top end designers to make a unique and outstanding graphic artwork which will increase their click through rate ie CTR and ultimately will lead to increase in business. There is always shortage of quality and unique graphic artwork. Those designer who are UI and very talented, think full and resourceful are always paid high.

Many of us have an idea in mind that the job is graphic designer is lovely you just got to sit at home and make money by just sitting on a computer. But those who believe this are totally wrong because graphic designing is a complex task that is combination of uniqueness, out of the box thinking, thought implementing, talent of using software’s and the designers experience. Not all designer can create outstanding graphic all the time. Its matter of efforts, time and experience.

Graphic designing has now a days a new horizon of opportunities opened up and that is gaming. Now a days you find a lot of PC, tablet and mobile games some of them are highly attractive with amazing graphics. you can see the graphics in the games, buttons, icons, game players etc so real and exiting that they just tempt you to play the game. This is how its works now a days just a game is not enough you need to implement a good graphic in it and also may add glossy items that keeps the visitor to be coming back.

Graphics designing is not merely a new emerging field but its a vast and highly challenging field. There are numerous ways to use graphic they can be also used in printing, logo designing, banner designing, flyers, brouchers, magazine, CD cover design etc. The most amazing fact is graphic designing is challenging every day unlike other jobs. For example if you see a factory job its all the same work and same old 8 – 12 hour shift doing repetitive tasks, this makes you feel bored and irritate and ultimately you get tired of your job and feel like leaving it ┬áthan you don’t enjoy your work. Where as in graphic designing every day you do new stuff not the same old repetitive work you got to think some thing new daily and implement it and see how it looks and if it not that good you have to modify it. This jobs are basically live jobs where you keep yourself motivated and challenged hence you don’t get tired neither you feel like leaving your job.

There are few point that every graphic designer should keep in mind :

  • You are not the first
  • There is always some one better
  • Success is not a finite resource
  • You cannot score without a goal
  • Starting anything requires energy
  • The path to work is easier than you think
  • Have a positive self image
  • Get a clean simple website up
  • Curate you work
  • Listen to your instincts
  • Make your work easy to see
  • Hand write addresses
  • Time is precious – get to the point
  • Never take and unpaid internship (for graphic design students)
  • Make friends with a printer
  • Be patient and as questions to yourself
  • Be good at drawing before you create
  • Try to draw sketch of what’s in your mind
  • Seek criticism and not praise
  • News travels fast
  • Make friends and not enemies
  • Never work for free
  • There is no such thing as a Bad Job
  • There is no such thing as a Bad Client
  • Embrace limitations
  • The environment is not a limitation
  • Boring problem leads to boring solution
  • New ideas are always stupid
  • Do not underestimate self-initiated work
  • Justify your decisions
  • Show sketches not polished ideas
  • Work with the clients, and not against them
  • Don’t always take no for an answer
  • If you are going to fail, fail well
  • Be an auteur
  • Take responsibilities for failure
  • Share your ideas
  • Get out of the studio
  • Awards are nice but not vital
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously


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