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Okay so are you someone who has the newer laptops like mac book air, acer ultra book, zen book 3 etc. where you have only one port & you are running out of battery and you want to do something else like transfer data on flash drive or may be project your computer via HDMI.. well good luck it ain’t gonna happen; because you need to charge first.

Well there are expensive solutions which is one of the marketing tactics of those big manufacturing companies where they sold you an expensive laptop now they, know that you are stuck with one port and you want a solution. So tada… purchase our USB hub/ adapter for more than 100 bucks.

Well today I am gonna show you that there are cheaper solutions to that. If you live in USA, Canada you probably don’t want to wait for a month to get a hub from china or other Asian countries just to find out that its not working. And neither you want to spend 100’s of dollars on expensive USB c adapters. I have personally used ICZI 8 in 1 multi function USB c adapter/hub for over 2 years without any issues.

With this device which is less than 70$ I can get my laptop to have an input of USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet rj65, SD card, micro SD card plus charge my laptop on the same time without the issues of over heating.

I have linked some crazy deals on amazon for ICZI USB C & Gigabite Ethernet adapters. Make sure you check them out.



I have also done an in depth review video about the hub in a you tube video attached bellow.

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