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Designing is one sort of drawing when you think an idea you either got to draw it or sketch it first and then start creating it. This is the fundamental procedure for almost of all of them. An artist starts his drawings with a sketch even a web designer or graphic designer first draws the concepts on a paper with hand than gets it live on computer. This process is the best proven method for cartoonist or mascot creators; they need to draw their ideas with a basic sketch and then starts adding elements to it. So now days most of designer’s uses designing pads or sketch pads. Now what are designing pads? Many companies like I ball, Wacom, Microsoft etc. produce a device which looks like a drawing board attached to your computer and it has a digital pen which is pressure sensitive so whatever you draw on the drawing pads gets drawn in compatible software’s like Photoshop, illustrator, Corel etc. This has now become widely famous because you can draw, vector ink a pre drawn image or a photo, create mascots, create cartoon characters etc. This is so easy and fast, it feels as if you are drawing on a paper and you can add colors, create pressure strokes, curves and even many other tasks.

Now for this you need to have a computer and a drawing pad and power supply that requires ample amount of space and hence you get limited to the resources. Imagine you were on a beach and suddenly a nice natural scene turns up and you want to digitally draw it on your computer, but unfortunately you cannot bring your computer and drawing pad on beach neither a laptop. But if you have a tablet computer or a tablet like ipad, Samsung notebook, asus sketch book or something similar with a designing application on it you can easily draw it anywhere you like and with ease because you don’t even need a pen. Your hand work as pen and you have all the facility you need like your computer, surplus to that you have portability and if you have internet connection you can share it any time anywhere you want. This is the magic of tablets. I personally use Photoshop touch on ipad and that’s indeed a wonderful app it’s just like Photoshop on your hand you can do anything you like just in a moment. Even I use an app called Sketch book pro and this seems like you are drawing on a paper it’s self even you won’t find the color enhancements on real paper. There are tons of apps available some are free and some are paid but they all are worth. For me many times it has happened that my clients orders some design edits or a small graphic work quickly and I would be travelling at that moment. I just open my Ipad open Photoshop touch quickly does the designing and send the file in minutes. This saves my time and efforts and creates a professional impression on my clients.

I my point of view tablets are the most important inventions for designers. Now days even small handy and fully touch mini computers are available that are light in weight as a small note book and does multi-function high end task with ease. So I would suggest this applications and tablets to the entire designer who are willing to find a handy way to designing. And I would suggest Ipad as the best tablet. I will keep updating new articles and interesting facts be in touch and keep commenting.

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  2. I just came across this blog and this is indeed very nice and rich in content blog i specially liked this article where a nice info is provided on use of tablet for designing. You wont believe that i had my apple ipad since past 2 years but i never knew that i can even do my designing works on it and its amazingly easy and so handy. I now use Photoshop touch, sketch book pro and some other software which really made my life easy. Thanks to this blog to let me know the potential of designing on tablets. Technology is improving and so should we start using it.

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