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The first question that comes to a beginner’s mind will be is designing good as a career option? Well I will answer it with my example I am a physiotherapist but still I don’t want to stay away from designing I find designing more addictive and enjoying than any other jobs in world. But to be precise this is not the answer to the question as this will be a solo opinion about it. Well considering designing as a career option it has many points that contribute to make it one of the best career options. A promising career option should have features like every growing demand of that career, multiple employment opportunity, and of course a high end income generation. To be frank there are certain career options that are ever green but it’s not easy for all of us to choose them, like being a doctor, surgeon or a super specialist in any medical field. Most of the youngsters hates studying so long and hard instead they always seek some easy, enjoying and a promising career but then comes a question are they worth to be chosen because not all are good.
Now let’s speak about designing, it’s one of the best career options as it has on growing demand, it has multiple employment opportunities and is indeed a high end income generation source and above all it’s a unique, creative and interesting career option. You need not to study huge books for years and years instead you just need to learn basics, some software’s and then it comes the role of experience and interest. Designing itself has multiple employment opportunity you can be and employee as a web designer, print designer, graphic designer, flex or banner designer, cartoonist or mascot designer, photo editor etc. So you can start you career under all such label this all job are not just minimum wage job they are really good paid jobs. And more over with time and experience you can be promoted as senior designer, or even manager. The another interesting fact about designing as career is you can also work as freelancer there is lots of work online so you can work online and be your own boss. Or with time you can also start your own designing business.
Now Regarding monetary side designing jobs are now becoming good paid jobs and even doing business as a freelancer you can earn good. Now a day even those who do freelance are fully dependent on their online business. And there are examples that make 4 figure incomes per month from just designing. And if you are heading toward you own business than sky will be the limit. Now considering designing as a business the most interesting fact is you do not need to invest more. A designing business can be just started with few computers and few employees and a small space you don’t need to invest on huge machinery unlike other factories or industries nor you need to hire tons of employee all you can start with minimum investment and couple of employee. Other interesting fact about business is you need not to restrict you customer base to local area only your customer will entire world.
Now a days designing is entering everywhere even in the smallest thing, you will need designing in media, advertisement, events, marketing, promotion, games, computers, software’s and applications and much more. Even the smallest sticker on a small product you see is been designed by someone. And if you see a big skyscraper advertisement thinks off that I would be designed by someone. So all you need is to foresee the future of designing and you will find that it’s not a small thing it’s huge and is everywhere.
I will keep updating facts about designing and discussion regarding various software’s and techniques for extravagant designs. Also I will start tutorials for Photoshop and other software’s. Keep reading and commenting.

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