Cosmic text effect (glowy text) tutorial


Software used: Photoshop CC 2015

  • Start by creating a new Photoshop (.psd) document in Photoshop of desire size & resolution
  • Select a dark background in this case I selected a cosmic star background. Make 3 copies of the same background one for background, one for foreground & other for safe side.
  • For the background image darken the image but using brightness & contrast option under images on the task bar alternately you can use curve or level tools to do the same once sufficiently darkened. Type your desired text make sure its white.
  • Now use the foreground image and apply clipping mask on the text so the foreground image gets clipped on the text and you will see the effect we are talking about has started taking form.
  • Now apply two effect to the text 1) stroke with blending option as overlay of your desired size but make sure white color. 2) inner glow again make sure with overlay as blending options and make sure the size is maximum and color white.
  • Once you have done this the effect will be completely functional
  • This effect can be applied for any design i.e. website, graphic, banner etc. possibilities are endless.

Hope you like this easy tutorial. I have attached a youtube video of the whole process which will give you a better idea. You can also subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any upcoming videos/tutorials.



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