Bubble Text effect in Photoshop

Software used: Photoshop CC 2015

  • Start by creating a new Photoshop (.psd) document in Photoshop of desire size & resolution
  • For the background I have used light & dark pink color, again its up to you. If you are creating bubble text for your graphic design you don’t even have to worry about the background just start typing on your design.
  • Next you want to type your desired text with the desired font; just so you guys know this effect looks really good on thicker text, does not work well on thin text.
  • Now the first effect you want to apply to the text is gradient overlay use white & off white color as shown in the video.
  • The next & the main effect will be the Bevel & emboss, in this effect you want to apply inner bevel, use the double curve in the counter section, decreased the opacity of the black color to your desired level and make sure the blending option for the black color is normal & nothing else. You can play around with the rest of options like size, depth, angle etc.
  • Once you get your desired effect the next effect will be the inner shadow with the lower opacity & blending options as normal; play around with distance & size as you like.
  • That completes the inner effects of the fonts, now we will  work on the outer effect of the fonts.
  • Stroke is the first effect make sure the stroke is thick enough to fill up the gaps between the alphabets so it looks good
  • The next outer effect will be the over glow with white color and the last will be drop shadow in this case I used red color to blend/merge the color well with the background; The outer effect are really dependent on the type of background you are working on one effect for sure will be the stroke the rest effects are up to you.
  • This completes the bubble text tutorial

Hope you like this easy tutorial. I have attached a you tube video of the whole process which will give you a better idea. You can also subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any upcoming videos/tutorials.

Download the .PSD document of this text effect, its free to use & you can use it in your designing projects : DOWNLOAD HERE



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